Writer’s Boot Camp

Strong writing skills are critical to effective communication and academic success. Writer’s Boot Camp focuses on the basics of good writing and is a particularly useful class for inexperienced or struggling writers. Students will learn and practice every aspect of good writing from constructing grammatically correct sentences to composing well-structured, compelling essays. Topics covered include:

  • Word choice
  • Sentence fluency
  • Paragraph structure
  • Formal vs. informal style
  • Genre, audience, and purpose
  • The 5-paragraph essay
  • MLA format

This course will help writers gain the skills and confidence necessary to be successful in literature and composition classes. It pairs well with our Reader’s Workshop.

Grades 6-9

Meets 1.25 hours per week for one semester and for two hours per day for ten days in the summer. During the school year, this class will only meet during spring semester.

To enroll for summer, please visit our Summer Enrichment Classes page.

To enroll for spring semester (registration opens in December), please visit the Homeschool Campus website.