Summer Enrichment Classes

This summer, join us for some of our most popular classes, including a free sample class of Model UN.

Summer schedule (all times listed are PDT):

  • FREE half-day Model UN sample class: Our regular 2-semester Model UN class introduces students to the world of diplomacy, negotiation, and decision-making through an authentic simulation of the United Nations General Assembly. Our free summer class will give students a fun sneak peek at Model UN, introducing students to the same skills as they represent civilizations in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Students will work together as Asgardians, Xandarians, Wakandans, and more to come up with solutions to some of the most pressing problems in the universe. Students will receive a background summary of their civilization before the class so they understand the concerns, resources, and priorities of the civilization they’ll be representing.

July 16, 1:00-2:00

Cost: FREE

To register, email us at

July 27-August 7 (class doesn’t meet on Saturday or Sunday), 1:00-3:00

Cost: $245

To register, click here.

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