Introduction to Journalism and Podcasting

This course is an introduction to the essential skills and knowledge needed to write news, feature articles, and creative nonfiction and produce newspapers, magazines, podcasts, and broadcast media. Students will learn the terms and concepts of journalism including the history of the field and the ethics of journalism. Classes will include discussions, workshops, writing, revising, and publishing. Students will read and discuss recently published articles that have appeared in print or online and will also read and evaluate some examples of creative journalism. Topics covered may include:

  • Ethics / History of Journalism
  • Research and the interview process
  • Layout and design
  • Daily operations of a newspaper
  • Photography and multimedia
  • Feature writing
  • Creative nonfiction
  • Journalism and the law
  • Court, government, and political reporting
  • Media regulation

Grades: 9-12

Meets 55 minutes per week for two semesters

Cost: $255 per semester

To enroll, please visit the Homeschool Campus website and select “Jennifer Murphy” from the instructor dropdown menu: Homeschool Campus website