Books to Film

In this year-long course, a fun combination of literature and film studies, students will explore storytelling by comparing novels, graphic novels, plays, non-fiction, and short stories to film adaptations, analyzing the narrative and artistic decisions of the writers and directors to better understand the art of storytelling and its purposes. Students will hone their media literacy skills while investigating form and narrative, cinematography, editing, sound, and other aspects of mise-en-scene. Students will analyze and respond to the literature we read and the films we view, create original media products such as film essays, and conduct research, write essays, and give presentations on topics and people relevant to the books and films we study.

Grades: 8-12

Meets 1.25 hours per week for two semesters

Cost: $255 per semester

To enroll, please visit the Homeschool Campus website and select “Jennifer Murphy” from the instructor dropdown menu: Homeschool Campus website