For all of human history, people have used tales of mighty heroes, gods, and goddesses to make sense of their own lives and the world around them. In this course, we will explore the myths and folklore that are woven throughout cultures around the world, including our own. While reading about and discussing ancient heroes, fearless warriors, dragon slayers, vengeful deities, and triumphant underdogs, students will come to understand the pervasiveness of classical mythology and its continuing influence in Western culture. This course emphasizes critical thinking skills and covers such topics as Olympian gods, comparative creation myths, comparative underworlds, heroes, the Trojan War, the Thebes cycle, and modern myths.

This class can be taken as either an elective or a core ELA course. Students taking the class as a core ELA course will have more required assignments/written work than students taking the course as an elective.

Grades: 7-12

Meets 55 minutes per week for two semesters

Cost: $275 per semester

To enroll, please visit the Homeschool Campus website and select “Jennifer Murphy” from the instructor dropdown menu: Homeschool Campus website