Reader’s Workshop

Reader’s Workshop gives students the skills and close-reading strategies they need to actively engage with both fiction and non-fiction texts and improve comprehension and retention. Using the Notice and Note method, students will learn what key “signposts” to look for in a text, why these signposts are important, and what questions to ask themselves in order to delve further into the text and increase their understanding. We will read and discuss a variety of texts together while practicing close-reading strategies, and students will keep a reading journal to track their reflections and insights. This course will help your student to become a thoughtful, engaged reader and pairs will with our Writer’s Boot Camp.

Grades 6-9.

Meets 1.25 hours per week for one semester and for two hours per day for ten days in the summer. During the school year, this class will only meet during spring semester.

To enroll for summer, please visit our Summer Enrichment Classes page.

To enroll for spring semester (registration opens in December), please visit the Homeschool Campus website.