Summer Classes: Survey of History, Literature, and Art

In this exciting new integrated humanities class offered in conjunction with art instructor Ann Shultz, we illustrate the strong connections and causal relationships between historical events and trends in literature and the visual arts. In the next 4-week session, beginning May 6th, 2021, we will be focusing on the Great Migration and Harlem Renaissance. Over the summer of 2021, we will be offering the Plague/Renaissance class.

Topics of the courses in this series include:

  • The California Gold Rush: The California Gold Rush, frontier literature, and the evolving art of the period, in particular the plein aire landscape artists.
  • The Great Migration and Harlem Renaissance: The effects of the Great Migration on the evolution of African-American art and literature from the Harlem Renaissance to Hip Hop culture
  • Plague/Renaissance: The long-term impact of the Black Death on society, literature, and art, from the invention of the printing press to the birth of the European Renaissance
  • Civil War: The influence of literature and art on historical events and vice versa, focusing on the shift from Romanticism to Realism in the decades before and after the Civil War and Reconstruction

Grades 6-12

Meets for 1.25 hours per week for four weeks per session during the school year

Cost: $85

Summer classes begin on June 16th. The summer schedule is available on the Homeschool Campus website.

To enroll for May, please visit the Homeschool Campus website.