I am so pleased

I just wanted to thank you for teaching my girls.  They are my oldest two and I am so pleased with the learning they are receiving from your classes.  T. is inspired to work really hard and is just beaming when she shows me her grades from English Lit. and Composition.  She has had so much fun with the last play, quoting Cyrano to us all.  E. is learning well in your Grammar class, soaking in new information and cementing what she had learned before this year.  I am so happy to help her with her Get Smart and Rex Barks homework.  I can tell she is understanding the concepts you are teaching in class because she can do most of the homework all by herself.  In addition, I love the grammar curriculum you have chosen; sentence diagramming is finally making sense to me!  I really enjoy helping her with her homework when she needs it; it’s so fun!

Thank you for all the work you put into these classes, the clear and concise homework assignments online, and the Think Wave grades posted online that I can keep up with.  As a mom of 7, I have been stretched for time this semester and I am really happy my girls can learn and be challenged and encouraged in your classes.  I can’t do all the homeschooling alone this year with a new baby, so I am really thankful my girls can keep learning without me.