About the Instructor

Jennifer Murphy Head Shot(1)Jennifer Murphy has fourteen years experience teaching and developing curriculum, both in a homeschool setting and as a corporate trainer. Since 2009, she has taught both German and English language arts, worked as a freelance copy editor and writing coach, and served as chair of a literary discussion group for adults.  She is currently working on her first novel, a work of historical fiction set in WWI-era Chicago.

Mrs. Murphy’s upper elementary and middle school language arts classes give students an understanding of the underlying building blocks and structure of our language so they can become skilled communicators. Mastering the fundamental elements of language and how they fit together opens students up to a world of effective communication, self-expression, and greater appreciation for writing and reading. In Mrs. Murphy’s high school English classes, students make use of exceptional contemporary and classic literature to expand their academic knowledge and critical thinking skills; enrich their vocabulary; explore the experiences, emotions, and opinions of others; learn about places, situations, and eras they can’t experience in their own lives; examine their own views; build their capacity for empathy; fuel their sense of adventure and creativity; and encounter and ponder universal themes and truths.